The Bindyi Club is a club for ex-students of Dubbo High School & Dubbo College

About the Bindyi Club

The Bindyi Club is the ex-students association of Dubbo High School and Dubbo College.  

Dubbo High School (in Dubbo, NSW) was founded in 1917and existed as a comprehensive High School on the corner of Wingewarra and Gipps Streets, until 2001. For at least the first forty years it was the only full High School between Orange and Broken Hill, so it educated students from all over Central and Far Western NSW.  In 2001, public education in the city was restructured and Dubbo College was formed by an amalgamation of Dubbo High School, South Dubbo High School and Delroy High School.  Dubbo High School ceased to exist and a new Senior Campus was built in Tony McGrane place; Delroy and South High became Junior Campuses.  The old Dubbo High School building now houses the Western Plains Cultural Centre and contains a room set up as a typical classroom of the 1950s.  This room contains some photographs and memorabilia but the considerable archive of Dubbo High School, including Honour Boards and photographs, is housed at the Senior campus.

The Bindyi Club is an incorporated association run by volunteers.

The objects of the Association are to:

  • conduct events of interest to Members, other ex-students and ex-teachers of Dubbo High School and Dubbo College
  • assist the communities of Dubbo High School and Dubbo College; 
  • assist  in the preservation of the heritage of public high school education in Dubbo.

Since 1987, the Bindyi Club has held an annual lunch in Sydney. The lunch is typically held on the second Saturday of March and is open to ex-students and teachers of all years and their guests.

The Bindyi Club also publishes a newsletter approximately four times per year, with news on ex-students, memories from school archives and news from school life today at Dubbo College.

School reunions of different years are encouraged by the Bindyi Club.

The Bindyi Club maintains a database of members and other ex-students and teachers.

Scholarships funded by the membership are given each year to worthy recipients among the students of Dubbo College.