The Bindyi Club is a club for ex-students of Dubbo High School & Dubbo College

Scholarships & Awards

The Bindyi Club has always regarded the awarding of scholarships and awards to students of the three campuses of Dubbo College to be one of its key platforms.  Accordingly, we ask all ex-students to consider adding a donation to the Scholarship Fund when they renew their memberships each year.

In 2015, the Executive Committee agreed to a streamlined reorganisation of the Awards, removing those previously given to Year 8 Students, but increasing the value of those given to Year 10 and 12 students. 

The Awards are:

Rawdon Middleton Awards , given to 2 students from Year 10 in each of the junior campuses.
Each prize is $250 and a certificate from the Bindyi Club which tells the story of Rawdon Middleton’s heroic death

Bindyi Club Service Award for School Service‚ given to 2 students in Year 12 of the Senior Campus
Each prize is $250 and a certificate from the Bindyi Club about Rawdon Middleton.

Frank Heather Award for a Student leaving Year 12 to attend CSU Dubbo campus
This prize is $1000.  The winner is asked to write an initial letter to the BIndyi Club about their University aspiratons, and a follow up letter at the end of the year
The Prize is named after the founder and first secretary of the Bindyi Club.

Ruby Riach OAM Award for a student leaving Year 12 to attend any University
This prize is also $1000 and the same conditions apply as for the Frank Heather Award.  Ruby Riach was a founding member of the Bindyi Club and served as President from 1995-2007 
She had a distinguished career in Education, and has maintained her interest in education matters and in the Bindyi Club since her retirement.