The Bindyi Club is a club for ex-students of Dubbo High School & Dubbo College

Esse Quam Videri Foundation

Esse Quam Videri Foundation (EQVF) ABN 85286546557.

The Foundation is the fund raising body of the Bindyi Club. 

The Foundation was established in November, 2012 as a Trust of the Bindyi Club.  The Trust was established for the sole purpose of providing scholarship and/or bursaries and/or prizes for eligible Australian students.

The Foundation was registered with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission (ACNC) in 2017.  This means that all donations made to the Foundation are tax deductable.

The Foundation is managed by a committee appointed by the Bindyi Club.  The current (2018) members are:

  • Wally Howe (Chair) Class of 1964/5
  • John Peacock (Secretary & Bindyi Club representative). Class of 1977
  • Neil Wykes OAM (Treasurer) Class of 1964/5
  • Dennis Wilson Class of 1965
  • Sheri Carolyn Class of 2003
  • Currently the Foundation provides funds for three scholarships made by the Bindyi Club:
  • The Rawdon Middleton Scholarship, in memory of World War 2 bomber pilot and VC recipient, Rawdon Middleton.
  • The Frank Heather Scholarship, in memory of Frank Heather, instigator of the Bindyi Club
  • The Ruby Riach Scholarship, supported by long time Bindyi Club member and former University of Sydney academic, Ruby Riach.